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The Holy City II

Good morning, y’all. It’s getting warmer, but not intolerable yet. I feel lucky to have been getting enough rain to not have to worry about wildfires. Those poor folks up in Canada have sure been taking a beating. I guess my mind thought that anything that far North was constantly

The Holy City

Good morning, y’all. Another gorgeous day here in the mountains. It feels so good that I decided to push my morning constitutional to two laps around the grounds here at TackyToo. I try to remember,”it ain’t the distance, but the consistency”, but it’s hard with our hectic lifestyle. It’d be


Good morning, y’all. Well, we’ve had a dramatic change of wind direction bringing some much cooler temps to our area. To me, it is an unexpected pleasure. I know a lot of other folks are complaining about just having put their Winter clothes up, but I think they should just

Cruzin’ II

Good morning, y’all. While we’re waiting for the next “popup shower”, it’s gotten a little colder here in the mountains. Not cold mind you, just more pleasant in my mind. This is the kind of weather I could go out and plow the South 40 in. That is, if we


Good morning, y’all. We’ve been getting these little one cloud rainstorms. I think the weather drones at the Whiz O Meter call them “popup showers”. It’s kind of their catchall phrase for “it might rain, it might not”. Kind of a prediction ambiguity, in my mind. Predicting popup showers is

Promised Land

Good morning, y’all. Well we scooted over to the Walmart in Blairsville to get our shopping in before the apocalypse of storms hit. We’re getting predictions of massive thunderstorms and combinations of hail and rain. One of the weather drones went on to say that while storm conditions were “moderate”,

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