Monthly Archives: December 2022

Let’s Go Bowling

Good morning, y’all. Cold but clear today. Looks like rain/snow is going to be in our forecast through New Year’s this year. Now, I don’t have anything against a white covering to start the year, I’ve had a few in my lifetime. While a white New Year’s celebration looks good

Je Suis Francais

Good morning, y’all. There’s nothing worse than a head cold, I think the flu might be better than having all of this pressure building up in my head. Fortunately, I’ve got a good wife who looks out for me. Mulva is willing to try any medication she can find in

Schindler’s List

Good morning, y’all. Power is restored after the high winds and soaked ground caused another tree to become a victim of gravity and cut the main power feed to the park. The folks here at TackyToo have returned to focusing on something besides getting me, “to do my job”. You’d