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Wearing Your Sin

Good morning, y’all. We are watching the skies anxiously to see if Channel 11’s predictions of tornadoes, floods and apocalypse in general are correct. Honestly, I’d be happy with winds that were high enough to knock all of the pollen out of the trees, but not high enough to knock


Good morning, y’all. I know if it ain’t one thing, it’s another, but, this pollen count has gone off the charts. Seriously, I think today was the highest measured pollen count of all time, and we’re known for pollen. I think the count was 4107 or something like that. That’s

Lyin’ Ted

Good morning, y’all. Still a misty kind of bleh day here in the mountains. I appreciate the fact that it’s not cold, though. I can have my morning coffee on the patio and not feel so cooped in. It’s a nice time of quiet before the sound of unmufflered cars

Absolutely Accurate

Good morning, y’all. Looks like a potentially beautiful weekend shaping up. The predictions of flooding and savage winds passed by again. I’m now wondering if the Whiz O Meter is actually having a contrarian effect on the weather. Might it be that the areas traditionally besieged by tornadoes could pay

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