Monthly Archives: December 2015

Just Mercy

Good morning, y’all. Still cold and wet here in Nunsuch. The weather report from the ding-a-lings at Channel 11 have me thinking we’re in for a night of high winds and possible tornado activity. As we all know, if there’s one thing a tornado loves, it’s a trailer park. Fortunately,


Good morning, y’all. Cold, cold cold, but no snow yet. I am in great hopes that Channel 11’s Whiz O Meter is correct and that the next few days will continue to warm up. The warm air is also supposed to bring precipitation with it, and that’s just fine. All

Let’s Go Bowling

Good morning, y’all. Cold but clear today. Looks like rain is going to be in our forecast through Christmas this year. Now, I don’t have anything against a white Christmas, I’ve had a few in my lifetime. While a white Christmas looks good on TV and Christmas cards, the reality

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