Monthly Archives: November 2021

Giving Thanks

Good morning, y’all. Another beautiful, but cold mountain day here at TackyToo. As the luck of the draw would have it, we were the lucky house picked to host this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. Setting up the Rec room for Thanksgiving is not that much different than setting it up for

This Is Our Year – Tennessee

Good morning, y’all. As I pointed out earlier, there is no greater bond for the male of the species than college sports, football most particularly. I believe it was Jeff Foxworthy that said, “all Southern men know how to drive NASCAR and coach football”. I completely agree. In the spirit

This Is Our Year – Florida

Good morning, y’all. The forecast of rainy and gloomy for the next few days will do nothing to dampen my mood. The bright ray of sunshine in my existence is that the complete and utter devastation on display in Jacksonville has quieted my inner “Munson” somewhat. I can see how