Monthly Archives: October 2020

Sign, Sign Everywhere A Sign

Good morning, y’all. Freedom is a wonderful thing. The ability to double mask, with an N95 under and a cloth mask over, allows me the psychological freedom to roam the entire property now without panicking and locking myself in my room. My first complete tour of TackyToo in nine months

The 900 Foot Jesus

Good morning, y’all. While my circle of influence has been greatly diminished by the Corona, Mulva continues to plow through life like the trooper that she is. Taking care of family and friends during the week is followed by Walmart on Saturday and church on Sunday. Being taught as a

Voter Fraud, Ha!

Good morning, y’all. Another fine day in the mountains and we’re all glad to be alive. Looks like the assorted Oktoberfests held by all of the little towns in the area will be Corona casualties. I particularly enjoy the one in Helen, which would normally be in full swing now.