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Promised Land

Good morning, y’all. Well we scooted over to the Walmart in Blairsville to get our shopping in before the apocalypse of storms hit. We’re getting predictions of massive thunderstorms and combinations of hail and rain. One of the weather drones went on to say that while storm conditions were “moderate”,

The Orange Party

Good morning, y’all. It’s getting warm up here in the mountains and I’m going to need to wrap up my outdoor activities pretty soon. Even going out for a couple of hours to spread weed and feed sets me to cooking. I wear as few clothes as is prudent. I

Breath of God IV

Good morning, y’all. Sunny, with none of the rain we’ve been promised so many times. I feel we’re slipping right into Summertime without a chance for me to get acclimated. I’m not saying that I’m going to be out working in the 90 degree heat, because I’m not. I’m just

Breath of God II

Good morning, y’all. Things are looking good here in Nunsuch, Georgia. We have a chance that a much meeker version of the awful weather that’s been ravaging the Midwest will arrive tonight in our fair burg. I’m counting on a few thunder boomers with a gentle rain in between. As

Breath of God

Good morning, y’all. Another gorgeous day here in the mountains. This is kind of how I would think Heaven would be, if I gave credence to the belief of a hereafter. One thing is for sure, every day would be an “11” on the Whiz O Meter. Not being subjected

This And That

Good morning, y’all. It was another gorgeous day in the Georgia mountains. I might get in the post card business if this beautiful weather keeps up. I could even get involved in the Chamber of Commerce promoting our area. Of course if I’m successful, it just ruins it for all

Wrongly Accused

Good morning, y’all. We’ve had some thunderstorms push through, and I ain’t complaining. After the thunder, we’ve had some nice gentle, continual rain. We needed the moisture. Some of the people that use Lake Lanier for recreation have complained that the lake level is down. They’re saying that the reason

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