Monthly Archives: July 2022


Good morning, y’all. I’m having a real flashback to the movie, “Caddyshack”. Everyone remembers the damage being done to the golf course by the gopher. I’m getting damage to my bedding plants, and it’s not a gopher. It’s coming from the chipmunks. I may have to go “old school” on

Suffer The Little Children

Good morning, y’all. The skies were rumbling last night, so much so that it cut into my usual five hours of sound sleep. The rumblings were to the East of us, and I joked to Mulva that it sounded like the coaches at UGA were having a “come to Jesus”

Breath of God V

Good morning, y’all. Here we are in the tropical rain forest. Seems like every day it rains, the sun comes out and turns everything into this giant sauna and just about the time the humidity drops to a respectable level, the skies open up and starts the process all over

Breath of God IV

Good morning, y’all. Sunny, with none of the rain we’ve been promised so many times. I feel we’re slipping right into Summertime without a chance for me to get acclimated. I’m not saying that I’m going to be out working in the 90 degree heat, because I’m not. I’m just