Monthly Archives: December 2020

All My Heroes Are Dying

Aging imbues us with the uncomfortable knowledge that our time on this plane is limited. The passing of our contemporaries, our rock and roll idols, sports heroes and other personalities of note reminds us of the fact that our time is limited. A recent article has reminded me that ceasing


Good morning, y’all. A quiet morning here in the mountains with the ground still soaked from last night’s thunder bumper. The storm sounded like the Second Coming. The thunder echoed off of the mountains making it sound like the end was near. With the Corona and everything else going on,

Yo Hablo Espanol

A fifty year old mistake that was being rectified has now been thrown back into the mishmash of global politics. Back in December of 2014, President Obama met with Cuban President Raúl Castro. They jointly announced the beginning of normalizing relations between the two countries. The “evil empire” to the

The War On Education

Due to the Corona more and more children are being educated remotely these days. While I advocate social distancing and keeping the little ones safe, I wonder if there was another approach. Seems like in Europe they thought it was more important to keep the schools open than the bars.

A Dog Named Butts

Good morning, y’all. Well, I can hardly contain my excitement, the big day is finally here. It’s just hours until our fearless lads take the field of combat against the semi-nerds of Vanderbilt University in beautiful downtown Nashville. GO DAWGS!!!! Speaking of good dogs, it’s time to introduce a very