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Let me give my two cents about the second most famous family in America, the Duggars. I’m giving first place to the Kardashians because for some reason America needs to know every detail Kardashian, even to whether this dress or that dress makes Kim’s butt look big. Couldn’t we all

Wrestling Pigs

Good morning, y’all. Proud to say that modern science has provided me with half of the relief I need to keep the Corona at bay. Even better news, the first shot came without the threat of bleeding from the eyes and/or ears, constipation and/or “discharges” from other parts of my

I Once Touched Greatness

While enjoying a lazy socially distant afternoon cable-surfing, I noticed that the Donald has upgraded President Carter’s site in Plains to a National Park. After attempting a violent coup it seems that the Donald is going to start on a redemption tour for the balance of his time. He couldn’t

Tell It To The Devil

Good morning, y’all. A beautiful day here in the mountains. A little chilly at first light, a little windy, but all and all, a perfect day. I think it just made a 10 on the Whiz O Meter because one of the weather drones thinks he saw a cloud on