Monthly Archives: September 2021

This Is Our Year – Vanderbilt

Good morning, y’all. All of my pregame preparations and rituals were called in to play last weekend. Red sock, left foot, black sock, right foot, vintage cap and t-shirt, and Butts was in his favorite spot. In spite of having all of my mojo working, a great many supplications were

A Day In The Life

Good morning, y’all. I called my attorney, Adam Dimwit, for some litigation help and got stonewalled by his secretary. I guess he wants money and it looks like I’ll be forced to sell off some of my famous guitar picks to get some scratch. Anybody interested in an autographed Ace

Solitary Man

Good morning, y’all. It is exactly two days until my beloved Bulldogs take the field against the infidels of the University of South Carolina. I bear those boys no ill will, just a sound thumping, somewhere in the neighborhood of 51-0. Anything less will prove to be a disappointment.  Speaking

Conspiracy Theories

Good morning, y’all. The rains have ended but promise to come back. That’s fine, I’d love to have a long soaking rain once a week from now through October. They say that one day they’ll be able to control the weather and make it rain where it needs it. I