Monthly Archives: November 2020

Hello, Hello, Hello

Is there anybody out there? Nod if you can hear me. Just a reminder from Pink Floyd that we should never become “comfortably numb”. The 2020 elections prove that by being “comfortably numb” about voting ensures that the party that can more easily incite their base will win the election.

Queen For A Day

Good morning, y’all. We have record rains this year. I think average rainfall is supposed to be about 58 inches and I’d bet it’s around 78 now. Coupled with the warm weather extending year round, it’s given life to our dormant bug population, mosquitoes in particular. I hate to get

Mourning in Nunsuch

Good morning, y’all. If you are like most of the Bulldawg nation you are walking and talking slowly this week. Whether the lethargy is due to the destruction of brain cells by the viewing of the debacle in Jacksonville, or the alcohol imbibed to make the images of the game

Reflections In A Golden Eye

Good morning, y’all. The timing of this post coincides with my cleanup of last night’s multi-club shindig here in the rec room. We try to have a TackyToo pot luck on the first Tuesday of each month to help the neighbors get to know one another. Tuesday became the night.