Monthly Archives: November 2022

Hope Springs

Good morning, y’all. So much going on here and so much to talk about that I forgot to update everyone about last Saturday night’s date night. I heard Bud Jr. is supposed to be coming over after while, I’m looking forward to that. BTW, it feels like Fall has arrived.

Just A Closer Walk With Thee

Good morning, y’all. I woke up this morning with the mother of all colds. I’m guessing all of the rain was keeping down the Fall allergens, and when the rain stopped, the allergens were allowed to roam free and do their nasty work. I guess getting out and doing a

If A Tree Falls II

Good morning, y’all. We’re still picking up limbs and what not from the big pine tree that fell last week. The sixty-footer nearly took out the clubhouse with me inside. It’s scary to contemplate that had the wind been blowing a little harder in a more Southwesterly pattern that the

If A Tree Falls

Good morning, y’all. We’ve had a bit of inconvenience today from a large pine tree falling over the power line that feeds our electricity here to the park. If you pass by here on Highway 60 you might have noticed that the neon TackyToo sign was dark. It didn’t take