Monthly Archives: April 2022

Runner’s World

Good morning, y’all. Another glorious day in the mountains. The twits at channel eleven keep scoring the days as 9’s and 10’s on their WIZZOMETER. Somewhere in the great scheme of things I think they believe that a perfect day is in the eighties, not the seventies. I guess that’s

G’Day Mate

Good morning, y’all. GDAY Report !!!!! Another glorious day in the mountains and we’ve got a Wizometer 11 week ahead of us. My honey-do list of spring time activities was superseded by the airing of the GDay game on ESPN this Saturday. There’s important stuff and the “really important” stuff

Reservoir Dogs Revisited

Good morning, y’all. Another rainy night in Georgia, but it looks like the tornadoes will go well North of us. Folks in Virginia and further North are due to get a heavy soaking. Years ago we passed up an opportunity on a RV park located in the Nantahala basin. Monsoon

Blest Be The Tie That Binds

Good morning, y’all. Another fabulous day in the mountains. This is the perfect time of the year, minus the pollen. We have a yellowish-green dusting on everything like a light snowfall. I believe if I was to lay down in it and wave my arms and legs I could make