Monthly Archives: August 2021

Civil Disobedience or Crazy?

Good morning, y’all. I called my attorney, Adam Dimwit, this morning between courses of my “Grand Slam” breakfast from Denny’s. Sometimes, Mulva will just up and do something sweet like go get me take out and bring it back here to TackyToo. Since I am at high risk because of

Learning Falconery

Good morning, y’all. The Atlanta Falcon preseason opened last week in the stadium that is one of the premier architectural wonders of our time. Like its predecessors, I’m sure it’s destined for the junk pile when it puts in about 30 years of service. Let me make Lite of the

Taking It Off Here, Boss

Good morning, y’all. It was such a perfect day that Mulva and I headed over to Tallulah Falls to see if they were still standing. Ha, ha. I’m happy to report that they are, and as beautiful as ever. I recommend the drive, even if it is a bit off

A Crisis of Faith

Good morning, y’all. I mentioned earlier that one of the positives of being on house arrest due to the Corona was missing the multiple services of The Full Gospel Original Church of God. Mulva continues to live her faith and brings me the highlights. They have sparked some “spirited” discussions.