Monthly Archives: April 2021

Dead Men Walking

Good morning, y’all. Beautiful spring weather here in the mountains. We seem to be in the brief period of time when the outdoors temperatures are tolerable. I suspect 80 degree days are just around the corner. Followed by the days that are intolerable from a fat old man’s perspective. That’s

The Princess Bride

Good morning, y’all. Another gorgeous day in the mountains. There’s nothing like breathing deeply of the cool mountain air and having all that pure clean oxygen reach your tired, worn out brain. I don’t know how folks in the city can get by without fresh air. I hear tell they’ve

The Edge Of Tomorrow

Good morning, y’all. I confess my paranoia level has been ratcheted up to about 11 these days. Now that I’ve gotten safely past my second Corona shot, I still worry about the variant from “Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan” that might worm it’s way through my protection. Shortness of breath due to the high

Getting Into The Spirit of Things

Good morning, y’all. A cloudy, rainy, windy day here in the mountains. We needed the rain, not begrudging it. I just hope “The Great Moderator” can keep it in perspective for us Appalachian folks. Giving a nod to “The Great Moderator” starts me off on another spiritual train of thought.