Monthly Archives: October 2022

The Imitation Game

Good morning, y’all. I don’t know how many sunny days we’ve had in a row, but I ain’t complaining. We had a real strong storm pass through a week or so ago that left blue skies in its wake. It was such a stunning sight that I started to take

Driving Me Insane

Good morning, y’all. Another gorgeous day here in the mountains. It would be hard to ask for nicer days. It is starting to cool down up a bit, but it hasn’t reached my 45 degree cutoff yet. It is my general practice to not work outside after the temperatures reach

Sweet Hour Of Prayer III

Good morning, y’all. I’m happy to report that the weather in our area has just been perfect. It’s such a relief to not be concerned about whether the Whiz O Meter is calling a perfect day with one cloud a “10”, or a chilly day with no clouds an “11”.

Sweet Hour of Prayer II

Good morning, y’all. The hurricane missed us and we’re just pleased as punch to be standing on high ground and not surrounded by things that are supposed to be in the ocean like boats and sharks and barracuda and such. Let’s hope the Florida governor will let socialism work for