Monthly Archives: May 2022

A Good Joe

Good morning, y’all. As beautiful as the weather has been, it’s a shame to spend any daylight hours inside. I have to admit my curiosity of what the Republicans are going to do if Herschel actually does get elected was overwhelming. I spent the day yesterday glued to CNN on

Getting Into The Spirit of Things

Good morning, y’all. Mother Nature has been awfully kind to us of late. Strange how we attribute natural phenomenon to an overriding power. Speaking of an overriding power starts me off on another spiritual train of thought. Maybe it was the telecast from The Full Gospel Original Church of God

Almost Famous

Good morning, y’all. I’m as excited as a flea on a St. Bernard. My Bulldogs absolutely crushed the NFL draft. Five defensive players taken in the first round which included the number one pick, Travon Walker. It was an NFL record with 15 players taken in the draft. Outstanding! While