Monthly Archives: March 2022

The Old Rugged Cross

Good morning, y’all. Another beautiful day here in the mountains. I reflect on the paradox of being graced with such beautiful weather while our noses swell up with the tons of pollen flying about. I’m hosing off the Firebird’s windshield everyday now just so I can see my way to

Holy, Holy, Holy

Good morning, y’all. A cloudy day here in the mountains as we wait for the wrath of the latest round of tornadic storms to dump copious amounts of rain upon us. I hope the tornadoes wear themselves out before they get here, they’ve certainly done a bunch of damage to

Shall We Gather At The River

Happy St. Patrick’s day, y’all. I’m feeling so low today that down looks like up to me. My roundball Bulldogs have embarrassed themselves in front of God knows how many people that were hoping that the Dawgs could slap on a little lipstick and turn into a Cinderella. Well they

What’s In A Name?

Good morning, y’all. Spring is in the air, I just wish we could get some more rain. I am aware of,”be careful what you wish for”. An abundance of precipitation is not a good thing in the Winter months. We’ve had far too many snowpocalypses in late February and March

I’ve Heard It All Before

Good morning, y’all. Another blustery day and it’s made me more introspective than usual. I was reflecting on how we tend to pigeonhole one another based off of our clothes, or our cars, or where we live. Living in a trailer park comes with very few perks and a lot