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Getting Into The Spirit of Things

Good morning, y’all. Mother Nature has been awfully kind to us of late. Strange how we attribute natural phenomenon to an overriding power. Speaking of an overriding power starts me off on another spiritual train of thought. Maybe it was the telecast from The Full Gospel Original Church of God

Almost Famous

Good morning, y’all. I’m as excited as a flea on a St. Bernard. My Bulldogs absolutely crushed the NFL draft. Five defensive players taken in the first round which included the number one pick, Travon Walker. It was an NFL record with 15 players taken in the draft. Outstanding! While

Runner’s World

Good morning, y’all. Another glorious day in the mountains. The twits at channel eleven keep scoring the days as 9’s and 10’s on their WIZZOMETER. Somewhere in the great scheme of things I think they believe that a perfect day is in the eighties, not the seventies. I guess that’s

G’Day Mate

Good morning, y’all. GDAY Report !!!!! Another glorious day in the mountains and we’ve got a Wizometer 11 week ahead of us. My honey-do list of spring time activities was superseded by the airing of the GDay game on ESPN this Saturday. There’s important stuff and the “really important” stuff

Reservoir Dogs Revisited

Good morning, y’all. Another rainy night in Georgia, but it looks like the tornadoes will go well North of us. Folks in Virginia and further North are due to get a heavy soaking. Years ago we passed up an opportunity on a RV park located in the Nantahala basin. Monsoon

Blest Be The Tie That Binds

Good morning, y’all. Another fabulous day in the mountains. This is the perfect time of the year, minus the pollen. We have a yellowish-green dusting on everything like a light snowfall. I believe if I was to lay down in it and wave my arms and legs I could make

The Old Rugged Cross

Good morning, y’all. Another beautiful day here in the mountains. I reflect on the paradox of being graced with such beautiful weather while our noses swell up with the tons of pollen flying about. I’m hosing off the Firebird’s windshield everyday now just so I can see my way to

Holy, Holy, Holy

Good morning, y’all. A cloudy day here in the mountains as we wait for the wrath of the latest round of tornadic storms to dump copious amounts of rain upon us. I hope the tornadoes wear themselves out before they get here, they’ve certainly done a bunch of damage to

Shall We Gather At The River

Happy St. Patrick’s day, y’all. I’m feeling so low today that down looks like up to me. My roundball Bulldogs have embarrassed themselves in front of God knows how many people that were hoping that the Dawgs could slap on a little lipstick and turn into a Cinderella. Well they

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