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Money Makes the Pony Run

Good morning, y’all. It’s been so refreshing being able to get out and do my little walk around the loop here at TackyToo. I can fight the masses, pun intended, to use the treadmill over at the Rec room, but it’s almost as bad a signup situation as it is

This Little Light of Mine

Good morning, y’all. I’ve got my raft tied up here to the steps of our little home at Number Two. It’s floating on about half an inch of water, which is all ground water at this point. I’ve been good about keeping our drains free from the debris that this

Money Monster

Good morning, y’all. Another scrumpdillyicious, beautiful day in the mountains. I noticed that the wildflowers are in full bloom on our trip to the Walmart in Blairsville. It’s very restful to the soul to be living with the beauty of nature all around. I don’t know how those folks trapped

The First Rule of Holes

Good morning, y’all. Finally, a little sunshine. The ground water is draining off, but I’m not ready to let the air out of my raft yet. Weekend forecast is for more rain, so I’ll just use the next couple of days to do a few chores around here at TackyToo.

Wah, Wah, Wah!

Good morning, y’all. The rains have let off a little bit, and we didn’t have to climb in the raft. I am keeping it near by just in case. If we were down in Louisiana, we’d be out harvesting dinner out of the ditches right now. Crayfish abound when the

Things We Lost In The Fire

Good morning, y’all. Well the temperatures are such that we are routinely frying lizards on rocks who were just looking for a little sun time. We haven’t had any bad storms to speak of. I’m seeing on the news that Tornado Alley has now been extended as far north as


Good morning, y’all. I’m having a real flashback to the movie, “Caddyshack”. Everyone remembers the damage being done to the golf course by the gopher. I’m getting damage to my bedding plants, and it’s not a gopher. It’s coming from the chipmunks. I may have to go “old school” on

Suffer The Little Children

Good morning, y’all. The skies were rumbling last night, so much so that it cut into my usual five hours of sound sleep. The rumblings were to the East of us, and I joked to Mulva that it sounded like the coaches at UGA were having a “come to Jesus”

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