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Doc Watson

Good morning, y’all. The rain is upon us. It’s fine, it’s appreciated. In fact, I’d be real disappointed if everything I planted this year died for lack of water. It’s just that I’m on a strict budget. When the water bill gets up in the triple digits I get a

Breathe On Me III

Good morning, y’all. We’re expecting some more storms to head our way today. Looks like we’ve got a chance for rain right on through the weekend. That’s fine, it keeps the heat down and helps the garden grow. I’m hoping to have a bumper crop of tomatoes and basil this

Breathe On Me

Good morning, y’all. The temperatures are quite pleasant during the day, just a little windy. We’re getting down into the 40’s overnight, but I guess that’s fine if it guarantees the mild temperatures during the day. It seems silly to turn on the heat at night, and if it was

Money Monster

Good morning, y’all. Another scrumpdillyicious, beautiful day in the mountains. I noticed that the wildflowers are in full bloom on our trip to the Walmart in Blairsville. The dogwoods have peaked, as well as the Azaleas. Next we’ll be looking for the later blooming flowers, like the lilies and cone


Good morning, y’all. A gorgeous morning here in the mountains with the ground still wet from last night’s thunder bumper. The storm sounded much worse than it was. The thunder echoed off of the mountains making it sound like we were going to get deluged. We didn’t. It looks like


Good morning, y’all. I’m having a real flashback to the movie, “Caddyshack”. Everyone remembers the damage being done to the golf course by the gopher. I’m getting damage to my bedding plants, and it’s not a gopher. It’s coming from the chipmunks. I may have to go “old school” on

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