Monthly Archives: January 2022

Put Your Hands In The Hands

Good morning, y’all. What a fantastic time to be alive. When you’re National Champions the biscuits tastes better, the gravy is smoother, and the fried chicken is fried to a golden crispy brown with the perfect crunch to every bite. Since I don’t follow pro football, I’m coming out a

I Have A Dream

Good morning, y’all. I took Martin Luther King day off, like I suspect any good American did. It’s definitely a holiday from mail delivery, and Mulva tells me that the banks closed. She was happy to report that the Walmart was open for business, though. Mulva tells me she was


Good morning, y’all. How does one describe the feeling of once and for all of ridding ourselves of the monkey on our back represented by Nick Saban and the entire state of Alabama? Is the sky bluer? Yes it is! Does the coffee taste better? Yes it does! Do the