BudLiteGood morning, y’all. Cold, cold cold, but no snow yet. I am in great hopes that Channel 11’s Whiz O Meter is correct and that the next few days will continue to warm up. The warm air is also supposed to bring precipitation with it, and that’s just fine. All the bulbs I’ve been planting are going to need a good soaking to get started right. I just hope they don’t all start blooming and then get caught in a freeze. Well, you do what you can do.

Speaking of doing what you can do, Mulva came home from church today with two ideas that, just a year ago, would have been as impossible as Oral Robert’s 900 foot Jesus. It seems that the money has been pouring in to such a degree from the telecasts that the Elders are thinking that a move to the abandoned “Crystal Palace” in Blairsville will be a good idea. Now, I don’t wear a green eye shade visor for a living, but I do know how to keep track of numbers, and it makes sound financial sense to me. More butts in the seats will translate into more tithes, but more importantly, the move to theĀ “Crystal Palace” will up the exposure of The Full Gospel Original Church of God to a very prominent place in our region. There would be some “soul satisfaction” in having our little group of evangelicals making it in the spot where the Mormon’s had to cut bait. It will also make the directions for the folks coming from Atlanta a lot easier to follow.

Now, lest I get prideful, and we all knows what happens when we get prideful, I would like to say that a move to a properly sized house of worship is something that the congregation deserves. The parishioners at The Full Gospel Original Church of God have endured a lot of hardships in 2015, and met them all head on. Let’s all be honest folks, when you’re strapping single wide trailers onto the side of your church to provide ample seating, well, it’s time to step up and make a bold move. Taking over the “Crystal Palace” will be a bold move on several fronts, but I think the congregation should take the step. These are good folks who have been loyal and true to their beliefs, and now that their group has come in vogue, they should enjoy the fruits of their labors. There will be a full vote of the congregation next Sunday.

Speaking of “fruits of their labors”, brings me to the second bit of news this week. The Elders have determined that the church is doing so well that they are in the position to fund the Reverend Helen Handbasket, and possibly a few Elders, on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. “Date” night might take on a new meaning for Mulva and me, if I can get free of a few prior commitments. Turns out, one of the Elders, Waldo Inacrowd, owns a travel agency in Blairsville, and is in a position to provide the “very best accommodations” at a “reasonable rate” to any of the faithful who might want to take the trek to the Wailing Wall. The first junket is tentatively scheduled for the first week of August, which is kind of the slow season in the Holy Land. I’m not sure that telling folks they don’t have to worry about “the Isis” because even “the Isis” stays inside in August in the Middle East, is a good selling point. I’m going to let Brother Waldo handle all of the details though. I’ll be happy to provide a link on the church website, if and when I get that done.

Speaking of the website, y’all will be the first to know, well maybe not the first, but certainly in the top ten. I hope to be providing a link to the new site on this blog in the next couple of weeks, surely by the first of the year. I hope the website will have as much impact as the Reverend Helen Handbasket, and without the threat of imminent death.

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