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 “Hello World” from the Rec Room here at the TackyToo Trailer Park. We’re only allowed fifteen minutes at a time on the community computer, so, I’ve got to type fast to tell my story. The sign up list for the computer is a mile long.

First, I must apologize for the photo, but it’s the only photo of me left around here after my wife Mulva pitched a hissy fit after my last arrest. It’s a pretty good photo, as far as booking photos go. I promise to post a new one when I’m allowed more than 100 feet from my trailer. Fortunately, I live in lot Number Two, which is just next door to the Rec room. Number Two at TackyToo is how I give my address to people giving me a ride home. It’s an accurate description in more ways than one.

The terms of my most recent release are an attempt to address my problem’s “root core”, as opposed to dealing with just my behavior. An ankle monitor and writing down my “feelings” for a year, while living outside of the county jail, seemed like a very doable solution to me. In fact, you might say I’m chopping tall cotton. Since we already had an AA chapter here at TackyToo, I’ll be able to attend my court ordered meetings without imposing on family or friends for transport.

The silver lining to my most recent cloud is being released from the weekly trip to Walmart with Mulva on Saturday and attending services at The Full Gospel Original Church of God on Sunday. Now, it’s true that both events are not without amusement, but I’ve got Mulva’s promise to document any mishandling of the snakes at the church. Any Blue Light Special where people get trampled, or other extraordinary stuff, and Mulva will be my eyes and ears.

Well, the line is growing longer and longer behind me. Since consideration for others is in my top ten areas of personal improvement, I’ll sign off before I lose my cool. Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be back soon.

I’ll leave you with a song to keep you humming along during your day. This one says it all for me:


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