Wah, Wah, Wah!

Good morning, y’all. The rains have let off a little bit, and we didn’t have to climb in the raft. I am keeping it near by just in case. If we were down in Louisiana, we’d be out harvesting dinner out of the ditches right now. Crayfish abound when the water rises down in the Bayou state. I guess what’s “good for the goose” isn’t always “good for the gander”.

Our dear friends in the Georgia Republican party are doing their best to prove that what’s good for one, isn’t always, good for the other. The Republican party chair and their senatorial candidate are objecting to debating their Democrat counterpart. The candidate’s objections arise from the TV spots where he claims he’s ready to debate “anytime, “anywhere”.,”He ain’t never dodged nothin'” As backdrop for his lack of desire to dodge, we get to see several of the candidate’s “glory days” videos where he did go head first into every defense placed before him. Of course, I’m talking about the greatest football player of all time Herschel Walker.

Herschel ain’t scairt of nothing except debating a man that can string three or four sentences together into a coherent thought. And maybe he’s a little scared of telling the truth about any of his non-football business activities, and, oh yeah, “men playing in women’s sports. Men playing in women’s sports is one of the top three things that are wrong with this country according to one of Herschel’s TV spots. How that wiggled in there with high gas prices and open borders is anyone’s guess, but for sure Herschel doesn’t want to debate about it.

I love Herschel Walker the football player with the white hot heat of a teeny-bopper’s desire for Justin Bieber. I just don’t think he’s adequately equipped to be a Senator. Honestly I’m not sure he was equipped before he took a million blows to the head in football and mixed martial arts, but he’s certainly not able to carry on a debate in the classic sense of Lincoln vs. Douglas. Admittedly his opponent, Raphael Warnock, is a silver tongue who has long made his living as a public speaker. But even against lesser competition I believe Herschel would come in third in a two-man debate.

His current cognitive state is one set of issues, and a big one, but there are certainly a ton of other behaviors that should disqualify Herschel from consideration. Even if we give him a wide berth because he’s a Trump toady (I know, some people think that’s a feature and not a bug), Herschel seems to have caught Trump’s propensity for prevarication. If you can’t trust a man to tell you honestly if he graduated from the University that so proudly regards him as a hero, you can probably discount his claim to having finished first in his class. Claims of being an FBI agent, a member of the Cobb County Police are as relevant as Jethro claiming to be a “double naught spy.” It sounds good until someone decides to check your story.

This week we were treated to Herschel’s ex-wife explaining in graphic detail how Herschel held a gun to her head and told her he was going to blow her brains out. I happened to have been living in Dallas when Herschel “accidentally” left his car running with the garage door closed and a gun in his lap. It seems that things have been going sideways for a long time but that his notoriety has allowed him to avoid the scrutiny he deserves. Not so in a political campaign.

The problem with lying in the digital age is that there are files out there somewhere that will be found, as this video details. The video gives us a different picture of who Herschel says he is and who he really is.

Is this a gotcha? I don’t think so. I think a gotcha is a question along the lines of “Herschel, when did you stop beating your wife?”. Watching the sputtering and stammering after that type of question is a gotcha. Asking about the prior or ongoing business relationships that a candidate will bring with them to the Senate is the responsibility of the press to illuminate.

Asking the tough questions of candidates is the absolute moral responsibility of the press. Any candidate on either side that doesn’t understand that premise is a twit and should get out of the race. The absolute “effete snobbery” displayed by the Georgia Republican leadership is frightening. To not promote candidates that are capable of actually doing the job is the height of sleaze. I’m just sad that they used one of my heroes to promote their decadence.