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The Edge Of Tomorrow

Good morning, y’all. I confess my paranoia level has been ratcheted up to about 11 these days. Now that I’ve gotten safely past my second Corona shot, I still worry about the variant from “Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan” that might worm it’s way through my protection. Shortness of breath due to the high

Getting Into The Spirit of Things

Good morning, y’all. A cloudy, rainy, windy day here in the mountains. We needed the rain, not begrudging it. I just hope “The Great Moderator” can keep it in perspective for us Appalachian folks. Giving a nod to “The Great Moderator” starts me off on another spiritual train of thought.

Runner’s World

Good morning, y’all. Another glorious day in the mountains. The twits at channel eleven keep scoring the days as 9’s and 10’s on their WIZZOMETER. Somewhere in the great scheme of things I think they believe that a perfect day is in the eighties, not the seventies. I guess that’s

Unrequited Love

Good morning, y’all. We are enjoying some turbulent Spring weather this week. Slow moving rains followed by high winds, yeehaw! I’ve taken the opportunity of bad weather to lounge in my office at the rec room and re-read some of my favorite authors while trying to weasel some tickets to

Learning From Our Mistakes

Good morning, y’all. I’m feelin’ a little grubby this morning. The beautiful near Spring weather has given rise to the local animal population to come out again to forage for food. It seems like several people at TackyToo are not smart enough to close the lids tightly on their garbage

I’ve Heard It All Before

Good morning, y’all. Another rainy day and it’s made me more introspective than usual. I was reflecting on how we tend to pigeonhole one another based off of our clothes, or our cars, or where we live. Living in a trailer park comes with very few perks and a lot

Animal Farm

Good morning, y’all. It is a spectacular day here in the mountains. It’s an absolutely glorious day for barbecuing some pork. Of course any day is a good day to be barbecuing some pork, it’s just more fun on a perfect day like today. Hopefully this break in the weather

The Dog That Will Never Hunt

Immigration is in the news today. It looks like the Biden administration is putting forward what is being called a “wish list” for handling our multitude of immigration issues. It seems that the proposal is guided by Christian values and not the xenophobic rants of a failed despot. Thank God

Getting My Ears Lowered

This year we decided to roll our First Tuesday pot luck supper in with our Super Bowl party and have sort of a Super Potluck Party Bowl. The usual suspects were here and showing a great deal of diversity for team support. In attendance were the Sons of Liberty, the

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