This Is Our Year – Georgia Tech

Good morning, y’all. What a beautiful day. If there’s a better place to be than the mountains of North Georgia in the Fall, then I don’t want to hear about it. My mind would be blown.

The annual Clean Old Fashioned Hate game got off to a little bit of a shaky start. Mulva was late with the sandwiches. How that matters is, here at TackyToo, we have a tradition that buying a Subway sandwich for the first butt in the chair in the lounge gets you the right to the TV controller and the center seat. The seating capacity is twelve in the lounge of the Rec room and it is a much more intimate experience than the main hall of the Rec room.

I guess buying a sandwich for folks was an apology Daddy made to everyone for taking over the TV on game day. I have carried on the tradition. Al Katz was pretending he was interested in watching the Auburn – Alabama game, but Mulva showed up just after kickoff of the Georgia game with lunch. Al took his sandwich and went down to the main hall to convince the folks watching the Ohio State and MSU game to change their minds about what they wanted to watch.

Well, let me say that Mulva’s tardiness was the only hitch in an otherwise almost perfect beat down. Our beloved Dawgs soundly trounced the interlopers from the North Avenue Trade School 37 to 14 in a noon start that seemed to indicate that some of our boys had been out too late. The boys got started too slow and much to everyone’s surprise allowed the bugs to crawl down the field and score first. It was an unsettling moment for those of us who were planning on a 100-0 rout. The bugs had come to play.

For all of you that have not been following the fortunes of the “Georgia Tech Football Program”, they’ve had a well-deserved dose of humility for the last few years. After shedding their coach Paul “the” Johnson, famous for teaching his kids to destroy the knees of his opponents, the Gnats picked up a ra-ra coach who was going to “own the 404”. 404 is the area code for most of Georgia and the implication is that he was going to rule recruiting in the state. Not so fast roach breath.

From day one, Geoff Collins set about making a bigger fool of himself and the program than any Georgia fan had the right to hope for. Three, three win seasons and press conferences held in Waffle House attire didn’t assuage the fans’ feelings. The big money at the Trade School decided they’d had enough. Let me poach from Wikipedia to describe their dilemma, “Collins never won back to back games at Georgia Tech. Following a 1-3 start to the 2022 season, and being out scored 210-20 over the final 5 games of his tenure against FBS opponents, Collins was relieved of coaching duties by the Yellow Jackets.” Enter his assistant coach, Brent Key and the hapless insects started winning games. Who could have ever guessed the problem was Coach 404?

Defensively the Dawgs took what the new coach threw at them and chewed it up and spit it out. The Bugs were held to 215 yards passing and 40 yards rushing as the boys righted the ship after the opening drive. An interesting side note, the quarterback who was about as successful against us as anyone, has entered the transfer portal. If we see him again, it will not be in the white and gold.

Offensively, we got the job done, 143 yards passing and 246 yards rushing. Special teams did nothing “special” and that’s a good thing. After the first quarter the Dawgs just showed the Bugs who the better team was by being more physical and aggressive. Good stuff.

So we’re 12-0 in regular season play for the 2nd year in a row. It’s like a Christmas miracle two years in a row. Next is LSU in the SEC championship game and then on to the College Football Playoff where we hope to do something that was last accomplished ten years ago by our inbred cousins to the west.


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