Breath of God V

Good morning, y’all. Here we are in the tropical rain forest. Seems like every day it rains, the sun comes out and turns everything into this giant sauna and just about the time the humidity drops to a respectable level, the skies open up and starts the process all over again.

Ironically, Georgia does possess a rain forest, it’s just supposed to be more westerly than my location. I’m pondering these twists of nature while looking out the window at the IHOP in Blairsville. I’m looking out the window because I’m sitting across from Bubba Hoakum and his toothless countenance is a bit off-putting. Some things it just takes longer to get used to, and Bubba’s smile is one of them.

We’re discussing the recent turn of events at the “Little Church In The Valley” and what, if any impact those events might have on Bubba’s future. Bubba is clearly impaired but there was a good strong evangelical base established before his accident.

I’m just guessing, but I bet that Bubba has a couple of dozen sermons memorized from years of hearing them repeated in church. I’m sure that in his mind, Bubba thinks that he is the “total package”, and should be the one making the altar call each Sunday. Now that the Right Reverend Dale E. Bread has gotten himself sideways with the congregation again at the “Little Church In The Valley”, Bubba senses that it is his, “why not me?” moment. I’m so glad it’s not me that has to dash his hopes again.

Of course the big question for me is, what the heck is going to happen to the Right Reverend Dale E. Bread? Being a greeter at the Walmart ain’t going to pay the rent, and that’s what we all should be concerned about with this latest bit of news. If we are all painfully honest with ourselves, the Right Reverend’s skill set seems to lend itself to being a gigolo. I just don’t know how much work there is in our area for the trade. I am equally unsure as to whether a hard working gigolo would make enough to support his brood.

I’m not interested in “doing the right thing” again, no matter how Mulva feels. If we want the “right thing” to happen, the Right Reverend needs to get his “issue” fixed. It might not fix his wandering eye, but he can get everything else that wanders taken care of. 

I keep all of my thoughts in, I don’t want to concern Bubba with any more information than he’s already got. He seems like he’s about ready to bust, and it’s not the pancakes. I pick up the check and tell him it’s my treat. Bubba says, “thank you”, and grins.