Voter Fraud, Ha!

Good morning, y’all. Another fine day in the mountains and we’re all glad to be alive. Looks like the assorted Oktoberfests held by all of the little towns in the area will be Corona casualties. I particularly enjoy the one in Helen, which would normally be in full swing now. The usual dates of the Helen Oktoberfest are 9/01 – 11/01, so I guess they don’t want to punish any premature or tardy tourists.

After my encounter with my German neighbor yesterday, I find I’m a little less inclined to soak myself up in the German experience, even without the Corona. In truth, I usually just soak myself up in a lot of German beer. I do enjoy the pretzels and the brats, as long as they leave room for the beer. It’s fun enjoying the best of what other cultures have to offer, and it’s definitely enlightening to learn the nuances of folks that have descended from far away lands.

I think the Highland Games held at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina are another must attend event. Watching fellows throw trees while wearing a skirt is a sight that will have you doubting your own eyes. The Scots-Irish folk are who I’m descended from. I relate better to their music and their food than I do to the Oktoberfest fare. Throwing trees and huge boulders around also appeals to some macho delusional side of me. I haven’t seen the Germans throw a tree.

Speaking of macho reminds me of another cultural celebration we celebrate mightily here in the U.S. of A., Cinco De Mayo. Cool thing is, every place that’s got a bar celebrates Cinco De Mayo. You don’t have to travel to Helen or Grandfather Mountain to soak up a little bit of another culture. If you want to capture the Mexican spirit, just go to your closest watering hole on the fifth of May. Of course, you could go to Taco Bell three times a week like I used to do. Has there been another culture that we Americans have totally embraced more than the Mexican culture? Think about it, can you name any Italian, French, Canadian, English, Swazi festivals? I can’t off the top of my head.

So, if we have totally absorbed the Mexican culture from foods to chihuahua dogs, what the heck is the problem with letting Hispanic people come here and earn a living? I start this rant again because Mulva has had to renew her driver’s license. Because of Georgia’s stupid, stupid, stupid policies, Mulva had to actually make an appointment at the DMV to do a renewal. Masks, Clorox wipes (we found some) and repeated hand washing can not be excused away to prove that Mulva, is indeed, a true ‘merican. Forget about the birth certificate and power bill as proof of residence.

Jiminy crickets, Mulva and I are old. We got our first licenses over fifty years ago. I contend that if we’re not American by now, we never will be. Giving the DMV a copy of our power bill is not going to change our status as taxpayers and more or less valuable members of our community. The proof of residence is an attempt by the mentally challenged Georgia congress to discourage or outright deny Hispanics their rights.

We’ve seen it all before. This movement is just slightly more subtle than asking a black person to name all of the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court before obtaining a voter ID. The great defenders of democracy, the Republican party, don’t want everybody to vote. If everybody votes, the Repubs will lose every election. They know it, so they are using every trick and lie at their disposal to short circuit democracy. Kind of like The Trumpster pronouncing, “all Mexican are rapists”, or the Faux News tales of wide scale voter fraud by illegals.

It’s statements like the “rapists” statement that that make me wonder if  The Trumpster has ever had a burrito supreme with tortilla chips and guacamole on the side. If not, I contend The Trumpster is not a true ‘merican. If he has, and still denies the contribution that the Mexican culture provides to the good old U.S.A. every day, then I say he can’t be trusted with the office. He’s not in his right mind.

BTW, Mulva’s new license has a gold star on it certifying she is a true blue, first class American. Memory serves that there was another group of people that used gold stars to segregate folks, let me see if I can research who that was.

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