Monthly Archives: January 2016

Town Halls

Good morning, y’all. The snow has all but melted and we are in for a week of “milder” temperatures, it looks like. The Whiz O Meter really wants to predict freezing rain and sleet for the incoming precipitation, but it’s too warm. I guess even the weather people have taken

After The Storm

Good morning, y’all. Well Icepocalypse¬† didn’t leave us completely unscathed as reported yesterday. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the ice and snow, it was the subfreezing temperature that was the culprit. We had a couple of tenants with frozen pipes this morning. No matter how many times you warn folks about leaving


Good morning, y’all. Icepocalyspe has arrived, and gone by. I hate to keep ragging on folks that seem really dedicated to trying to do a good job, like the folks controlling the Whiz-O-Meter at Channel 11 News, but they make it too easy. The rumors of our demise were greatly

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