The Rich Boy’s Lament

BudLiteGood morning, y’all. I made good use of the exceptional weather to plant the two dozen or so lilies I bought over to the Walmart. They are a variety of colors and types. I am in hopes that they will live long and prosper in the spot that I’ve placed them. I put them alongside of the dog walk in hopes that they would obscure some of the odor and sight. It will be interesting to see if the constant fertilization will provide a boom or detriment to their growth. I may setup a control group in another part of the park and keep track. It will be an interesting experiment.

Speaking of interesting experiments, how about that Republican nomination process? Now, I don’t want you to draw a too obvious connection to the offerings of a dog walk and the current front runners of the nomination process, but…  From catching the news on CNN, I find that The Donald is really, really, really upset with the party for not just laying down and anointing him President, Emperor, Pope, whatever it is he thinks the job is. Apparently the “Dump Trump” movement has pricked The Donald’s thin skin, and he feels like he needs stroking from the party to reassure his fragile ego.

It doesn’t sound like the party feels like telling The Donald that it’s going to be “all better”. In fact, Republican party chair, Reince Priebus, seems to be going out of his way to tell The Donald, “the rules are the rules”, and you knew them when you got into the race.

Let me interrupt my train of thought here for a second, has there ever been a name that smacked more of privilege than Reince Priebus? I guess the Republicans could look for someone named Lord Earl Duke to get the message across that they catered to the rich and privileged, but Reince Priebus will certainly do until Lord Earl Duke comes along.

Anyway, Reince is saying that the party rules will be upheld, and that The Donald can look for no special favors from him. Well, that flies in the face of all that is Republican doesn’t it? If being rich doesn’t buy you special favors, what’s the point in being rich? If you can’t use wealth to buy your way into whatever you want, from the Congress to the Oval Office, how will the Republican party survive? It is the big question that The Donald is exemplifying like a large boil on the neck.

The Donald has taken to the airwaves telling everyone that will listen, “the system is rigged”. Really, when did it become rigged? Was it when the Republican party wouldn’t change their rules to allow the candidate coming closest to the required 1273 delegates to automatically get the nomination? Does the rigging go back even further? Dare I bring up Gore vs. Bush? I’m sure The Donald wouldn’t find anything in that election that seemed “rigged”, unless he was Al Gore.

Poor little rich boys are always supposed to win. They don’t learn anything else. Their wealth and power starts at birth and is ensured to continue through out their lives, as if by “Divine Right”. Never having to compete on their own mettle, the rich are at a loss when their wealth can’t position them at the best table. Such is the lament of The Donald. He has shown his complete and utter lack of morals and disregard for others. He is willing to do or say anything to get the nomination, whether that causes him pause, I can’t say. If it does, it would only further exacerbate the situation. The Donald is a rich boy that has been guaranteed by life to always win, and, is morally bankrupt. How does that not automatically win you the Republican nomination? 

That is the question The Donald is asking, “why not me?” “I went down to the crossroads and I signed the deal with the devil, who looked a lot like Reince Priebus, by the way.” “Why am I not being given the nomination?” I for one, can’t wait to see if the Republican party will bow to The Donald or hitch their wagon to some, as yet unnamed, savior. Could a third party run be in the offering? Hope springs eternal. Meantime, while The Donald is asking, “why not me?”, he should ask his kids the same question. It was revealed this week they were not voting for daddy. Good on them.

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