G’Day Mate

Good morning, y’all. GDAY Report !!!!! Another glorious day in the mountains and we’ve got a Wizometer 11 week ahead of us. My honey-do list of spring time activities was superseded by the airing of the GDay game on ESPN this Saturday.

There’s important stuff and the “really important” stuff and getting a glimpse into how my Bulldogs are going to restock their cupboard falls under the uber-important category. Hearing about the embarrassment of riches we Georgia fans now have from a former Alabama quarterback is just icing on the cake.

Anyway, I watched the scrimmage intently looking for the inevitable controversies that present themselves as quality athletes compete for starting positions. Stetson Bennett is a lock at quarterback barring injury or being caught in the Edwin Edwards conundrum. Carson Beck will be a serviceable backup and will hopefully get lots of playing time in blowouts. His arm could definitely run up the score for us.

Speaking of running up the score, my God, what a group of receivers. We have 4 maybe 5 tight ends that could start and be stars at any other SEC school. Bowers, Washington, Gilbert and Delp are insanely big, fast and can catch the ball. We have an abundance of riches at the receiver spot as well with Rosemy-Jacksaint, Blaylock, Smith, Mitchell, McConkey and Meeks. Boys with track speed and good hands, what else could you ask for? Whoever is playing quarterback will have the luxury of just throwing it as far as he can in the right direction and letting one of these boys haul it in.

I feel like we’re a little thinner at running back this year than in years past. Milton, McIntosh and Edwards will get the job done I’m sure, I’m just wistfully remembering the the time of Gurley, Chubb and Michel. I feel lucky that we have developed the reputation that brings top talent to our team, and that there have always been qualified backups waiting in the wings. Based off of the current “stars” we maybe be transitioning from “Running Back U.” to Tight End U.”

Being an old man, I think back to days of yore and the wealth of riches that we have had at running back. While any list is somewhat subjective and always up for discussion, or a fight in a bar, I’ll detail my top five and why I think they belong in the elite.

1. Herschel Walker – goes without saying but here are some stats. In just three seasons, Walker rushed  for 5,259 yards and 49 touchdowns with every member of the other team focused on “Stopping Herschel”. Herschel averaged 159 yards rushing per game and was one of Georgia’s two Heisman winners.

2. Nick Chubb – Most extraordinary specimen ever. Who comes back from a knee injury like he sustained? Nick Chubb does and compiles 4,769 rushing yards, 361 receiving yards, and 48 total touchdowns.

3. Todd Gurley – In three seasons, Todd gained 3,285 yards with 42 touchdowns despite being hobbled by an ankle injury in 2013. The suspension in 2014 and the season ending injury prevented him from breaking all of Georgia’s rushing records, in my opinion. 

4. Sony Michel – Michel rushed for more than 3,613 rushing yards, 621 receiving yards, and 39 total touchdowns while playing in the same backfield with Nick Chubb. Amazing!

5. Garrison Hearst – Garrison rushed for a total of 3232 rushing yards in the three years of his career with 1,547 coming in his Junior year. He also holds the single season touchdown scoring record with 19 tallies.

Here are some names to consider if you want to expand the list or rearrange it a bit; Frank Sinkwich, Charlie Trippi, Rodney Hampton, and Lars Tate. One of those guys won the Heisman and didn’t break into our top five. Running Back U. for the win!

In closing, Georgia won GDay and we were all highly entertained. In celebration of our Aussie kicker that can punt the ball a mile, G’Day everyone.

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