Wrestling Pigs

Good morning, y’all. Proud to say that modern science has provided me with half of the relief I need to keep the Corona at bay. Even better news, the first shot came without the threat of bleeding from the eyes and/or ears, constipation and/or “discharges” from other parts of my body. It’s like the stuff they advertise on TV that looks attractive until you get to that long list of the things that can go wrong. That said, I’m grateful for being half way to where the Corona doesn’t control my every thought an action.

Just to irritate the 99% here at TackyToo, Mulva and I threw an inauguration brunch to celebrate the end to tyranny. I relied heavily on Mulva to get the Rec room ready for our breakfast served at lunchtime. She’s better with those things than I am. Besides, my arm is still sore from the shot. As it turns out, the turnout was just a couple of dozen folks that were interested in watching the peaceful transfer of power. Maybe the event loses some of its luster when only half of your dream team shows up for the swearing in.

Was it just a couple of weeks ago that 6 Republican senators were rising to block the reading of the results of the election? Did 121 congresspeople vote that the election results don’t matter if their candidate doesn’t win? How do these people in good conscience pretend to be representatives of the people? Yes, they’ve got the RWNJ faction of America well represented, but what about the normal people that live in their district? Who represents them?

Speaking of normal people, imagine the scenario where Mike Pence becomes the adult in the room. I’m trying to think of a time in history when a sitting president called out a hit on his VP. Can’t recall it.

I get the fact that the people who the Donald is now inciting are the “shadow people” of the Republican base. You know, the white supremacists, the misogynists, the xenophobes, the evangelicals, the pro-lifers, the anti-gay, nut jobs who used to be able to receive in-patient care until Ronald Reagan turned them out onto the streets. Now they wander among us, blending in except for the occasional tin foil hat and the slurred speech of a chronic Haldol user. Oh, and the MAGA hat and a Confederate flag, can’t forget those.

While watching McConnell the last few days try to wrest some dignity out of the events of the last four years, I am reminded of one of my Daddy’s old sayings. Bocephus, “Bo”, Lite used to say, “don’t go tussling with pigs, you’ll just come home covered in pig sh*t, and the pigs will be happy for the attention”. I learned later in life that Daddy had “borrowed” the phrase from George Bernard Shaw, but the point is the same. McConnell seems to understand the point as well or had a brief awareness of his own mortality while hunkered in the bunker.

It looks like the Republican party has a tiger by the tail with the Donald. While their strategists try to decide how to dump Trump and not prove to the electorate that their voice doesn’t matter, I am reminded of an old limerick I heard in high school. Yes, I can really tell this one, it’s PG:

There was a young lady of Niger
Who smiled as she rode on a tiger;
They returned from the ride
With the lady inside,
And the smile on the face of the tiger.

Maybe the Republicans will learn, it’s possible. Not likely, but possible. Perhaps not putting forth candidates that appeal to all of the base elements of humans would be a good start.

In the meantime, here’s to sixteen years of uninterrupted Democrat rule. Harris/Buttigieg 2028.

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