Good morning, y’all. How does one describe the feeling of once and for all of ridding ourselves of the monkey on our back represented by Nick Saban and the entire state of Alabama?

Is the sky bluer? Yes it is! Does the coffee taste better? Yes it does! Do the children playing about the trailer park exhibit a carefree nonchalance not observed in the past 41 years? Yes they do!

All of these things and more are observable changes to the daily life of Bulldog nation as a result of our soul crushing victory over the Crimson Tide 33 to 18. Smell that air! Even if we are downwind of the pulpwood plant, doesn’t it smell sweeter, fresher today? Two weeks ago our Dawgs stunk up the SEC championship game worse than the dumpster at the far end of the park against this same team of cretins from Alabama.

Well, mostly the same team. Their all world receiver went down in the SECCG only to be joined by their other all world receiver in the first half of this game. Rumors abounded that the Elephants were also weak at tackle and DB, but we’ve learned over the years to not trust the rumors. Alabama stocks up 5 star players like cord wood. Burn one up and just throw another log on the fire, they’re all the same.

What we learned this time was that this was not the same Georgia football team that had been trounced in Atlanta. No sir, this team was on a mission from God! Armed with not only multiple Goliaths on defense, the 2021 Bulldogs came with their own modern day David in the form of Stetson Bennett IV. Stetson slung that rock around to the tune of 17 for 26, 224 yards, 2 touchdowns and no interceptions.

Stetson did lose a fumble in the exact same manner that his counter part on the Alabama team did earlier with two differences. The first quarter recovered fumble on Alabama was carried back for a score, and then recalled as an incomplete pass. Stetson’s incomplete pass (exactly the same sequence of events) was ruled as a fumble and given to Alabama placing them in perfect scoring position. Everybody knows when you play Alabama you don’t have to beat just the elephants but the zebras too.

Kudos must go out to the defensive front seven that held Alabama’s rushing attack to just 30 yards net rushing for the game. The big back that had rumbled for 204 yards against Cincinnati’s vaunted defense was held to 68 yards on 22 carries, so it wasn’t like they weren’t trying to run. They were stonewalled by the Georgia defense.

Unfortunately, we were more vulnerable through the air. The Alabama Heisman trophy winner threw for 369 yards, 1 touchdown but more importantly two interceptions. The last interception was a pick six that put the game completely out of reach. What a joyous feeling to know that the disaster was happening to the other guy. My apologies, it has been 41 years.

Running Back U. accounted for 140 yards and looked like they were just getting warmed up in the 4th quarter. The Receiving Corp. was on target and accounted for two touchdowns. I’ll confirm my recollection that we had no dropped passes in the multiple times I’ll re-watch the game. I’m just salivating thinking about all of them coming back next year.

Special teams deserve a mention since they did account for all of the scoring for the first half. Podlesny was perfect on 2 of 2 field goals and 3 extra points. Carmada punted 5 times for a 44.6 average. Kenny McIntosh had a nice kick return for 30 yards.

It was a team effort, but the winner of the MVP for offense went to Stetson Bennett. No-one could ever deserve it more. He epitomizes the old adage, “It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog that counts.”

For the first time in a long, long time Bulldog nation is saying “wait until next year” with a different message. We’re talking back to back, baby! Go Dawgs!