Reflections In A Golden Eye

Good morning, y’all. The timing of this post coincides with my cleanup of last night’s multi-club shindig here in the rec room. We try to have a TackyToo pot luck on the first Tuesday of each month to help the neighbors get to know one another. Tuesday became the night. It doesn’t interfere with church on Monday and Wednesday and Sunday. Saturdays are reserved for football, obviously, and Friday is reserved for date night.

We had about eight clubs represented, so about every adult in TackyToo was here. In attendance were the Sons of Liberty, the Sons of the Confederacy, Georgians First, the N.R.A. (which cross-pollinates all of the groups), the Oath Keepers, Family First, Keep God in America. Mulva brought in her women’s group from The Full Gospel Original Church of God. Despite the kaleidoscope of names, it was a very homogeneous group. We started the festivities at 6PM by watching the pre-election warmup. There was an air of uncertainty in the air as the various attendees speculated on the Donald’s ability to withstand the onslaught from the Atheistic Communist baby eating pedophiles.

I’ll make an aside here. Since I’m in the minority in this community and don’t dare express such thoughts out loud, I’ll use this journal to express something that I think is obvious. The QAnon folks, and there’s bunches of them in these parts, really do believe there’s a left-coast group of liberals and democrats that are eating babies. I’m not clear if the pedophilia comes before or after they drink the babe’s blood, but, honest to God, people will look you straight in the eye and spout this nonsense. They will then shout down any objection you might offer to the contrary.

Now to me the most obvious response is, “is the Donald still President?” “Does he still have two million federal workers he could put on the case?” “Does he still have a million plus armed forces he can bring to bear on the problem?” “Can he not use the power of the purse to force states and local governments to make eradicating the pedophilic baby eaters job number one?” For the “right to lifers” this should be a slam dunk. They’re all about protecting the children above all else, right? Except for the babies in the cages down on the border, of course.

Mulva and I did our best to not engage with the community before supper. We didn’t need anything to dissuade us from our task of getting the potluck ready. I didn’t need anymore motivation to over salt the pulled pork. We ate well and watched and listened as the experts from Faux News told us what we had just seen and heard.

The news was slow coming and probably not too unexpected. There was one in the crowd who was praying for a blue tsunami, while everyone else were being swept up by the red tide. Fun fact, red tide kills everything it touches. I know my neighbors don’t draw any correlation to the microorganism and the MAGA movement, but there it is.

One of my big disappointments occurred in one of our neighboring states. Senator Chickenhawk from the great state of South Cakalaky will be heading back to Washington to lick the boots (golf shoes) of the Donald. What a total fall from grace. Second biggest disappointment was Jon Ossoff. Now that we’ve spent about a billion dollars trying to get him elected to some government office, maybe he will just go away. Of course there’s still a million votes to be counted in Atlanta, so he could pull it out.

Unfortunately I stayed up to see the candidates offer their “not a concession” speech. Maybe the uninitiated don’t recognize what we in the South refer to as a sh*t eating grin. Trump’s facial expressions are limited to the “grin”, a smirk and a pout. The pout is the one that scares me. It’s the look we’ve all seen on the rich kid’s face right before he takes his bat and ball and goes home because you won’t play by his rules and let him win. Do we want the rich kid to have another four years holding the nuclear football? Not me.

Keep counting Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Maybe we don’t deserve better, but we sure need better.

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