A Good Joe

Good morning, y’all. As beautiful as the weather has been, it’s a shame to spend any daylight hours inside. I have to admit my curiosity of what the Republicans are going to do if Herschel actually does get elected was overwhelming. I spent the day yesterday glued to CNN on the big screen in the Rec room. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but we already know I’ve got issues.

I’m going to ignore the whole “did he graduate, was he valedictorian, successful businessman, wife beater, on police watch, multiple personalities” issues. I’m just going to comment on another piece of political news. Unlike Herschel’s qualifications to being elected to one of the highest offices in the land, this piece of news actually has some meat on the bone.

Joe Biden has been crushing it of late with regards to the war in Ukraine. Our President has really been holding the Russians feet to the fire for their willy-nilly invasion of a neighbor. If there has every been a better public servant than Joe Biden, I don’t know about him. While many of his political stances, like the cancer moonshot, are a reflection of his own personal tragedies, I suspect that there’s more to Biden’s compassion than just being part of a “liberal agenda”. I think he truly has empathy for his fellow man, something sorely lacking in most politicians.

It’s the kind of guy Joe is, always looking out for others and working hard to ensure that people of all stripes have the opportunity to live the American dream. Biden is that rare individual that took the opportunities he had available to him and used them to better himself and those around him. He was the youngest elected Senator and was fourth in seniority when he resigned the Senate to be Vice President. There is no doubt that little of President Obama’s progressive agenda would have ever become law without Biden’s massaging Congress. The fact that Biden was willing to step aside from a cushy retirement to stop America’s headlong plunge into Fascism is another example of his selfless devotion to the principles of Democracy. We need more like him.

What we don’t need more of is twits like the Republicans keep throwing up to be elected to public office. Now, I admit I am showing a bit of the twit mentality by staying glued to the TV for ten hours in anticipation of any of Herschel’s opponents pulling off an upset. Opponents who actually know the three branches of government. Unlike the former running back for UGA, Herschel’s opponents all had former government service. Each of them had taken an oath of office at some point that required their fealty to the government of the United States, not the Donald. How do we contrast the difference in the qualifications for holding public office between a Joe Biden and whatever celebrity flavor of the month the Donald trots out?

An old saying that encapsulates the differences for me is “A Republican is just a Democrat that’s never had anything bad to happen to them.” I’m not underscoring the humble beginnings many Republicans share with Joe Biden, I’m just pointing out their response to those circumstances. Unlike Joe Biden, most Republicans climb the ladder of success and pull it up behind them, the “I got mine, see if you can get yours” mentality. Joe Biden not only leaves the ladder down but attempts to put in escalators and elevators and ramps to give all of America’s citizens an opportunity at a better life. Of course those escalators and elevators and ramps cost money, and who better to pay for it than the people drinking champagne on their yachts? That’s the one thing that will turn the 1% off of an old white guy, raising taxes. It’s sad to say that they don’t see that a rising tide raises all boats.

As previously stated, the Republicans seem to be having a problem with reality. Might be the home-schooling.

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