Let’s Go Bowling

Good morning, y’all. Cold but clear today. Looks like rain/snow is going to be in our forecast through New Year’s this year. Now, I don’t have anything against a white covering to start the year, I’ve had a few in my lifetime. While a white New Year’s celebration looks good on TV, the reality is a bit tougher. Keeping the grounds safe for pedestrians here at Tackytoo is quite the chore. Don’t need any “slip and falls” around here.

Anyway, if the good Lord is willing and the creeks don’t rise, I plan on enjoying the season to its fullest extent. When I say season, I’m talking about the bowl season. Some of the minor bowls started today, and probably the only game that I’ve watched so far with interest was the Camellia Bowl, pitting Buffalo vs. Georgia Southern. Sadly the Eagles lost 23-21, but the boys gave a good accounting of themselves.

Georgia State has been an up and comer until this year, and the Tech hater in me desperately wants Georgia State to become the number two team in the state. It would be joy indeed if Georgia State could siphon off at least half of Tech’s recruits, the most talented ones of course, and leave Tech an empty cupboard. Georgia State also has an opportunity to make lemonade from the lemons discarded by the Atlanta Braves, with regard to Turner field. I’m really rooting for GSU to do well and become strong enough to hurt Tech, just not strong enough to hurt Georgia, of course.

Speaking of our Dawgs, the current SEC champions will be matched up against the Cro-Magnons of Ohio State in the Peach Bowl on New Year’s Eve. On paper, it looks like the boys will be facing their toughest challenge of the year.The knuckle draggers from up north have guaranteed that they will be giving our boys their “best shot.” Now, I know there are many among you who are asking the question, “and that will be different, how?” I have to admit, I’m right there with you except for the production of our defense this year. Our defense has been playing this season as if it had been constructed by Skynet at the Terminator factory. I am an old man, and I have never seen anything like this group.

In truth, I thought we were in a transitional year where our offense would have to be scoring lights out to compensate for our diminished defense. I misunderstood the abilities of the defense. What is known is that the offense, so far, has been able to score in a precision almost blitzkrieg like fashion whenever called on to do so. The team is uber-talented and coached by a certifiable offensive genius, Todd Monken. Pay that man whatever he wants for as long as he wants. He’s a keeper.

With any kind of luck, Georgia’s got two more wins in them and this team will become Georgia’s only back to back national champions. I guess us old timers believe the old adage that the only “constant” is “change”, particularly when change benefits us. We’re just going to have to ride this one out to see if lady fortune is going to start smiling somewhere other than at Alabama. Speaking of which, the 5th ranked Tide will be bowling in New Orleans at the Sugar Bowl. I wish them well, I guess. I’m equally torn about the Tennessee vs. Clemson game in the Orange Bowl. I hate orange, so I hope they both lose. I can’t wait.

Forgot to mention that Florida was trounced 30-3 by Oregon State in the Las Vegas Bowl. I feel like we wandered in the wilderness for several years during Florida’s ascendancy. The universe has been righted and the gators are back in the ditch where they belong. Go Dawgs!

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