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10 Cloverfield Lane

Good morning, y’all. It’s been such beautiful weather that I am reminiscing about the old days when we couldn’t wait for Spring so that the Drive In movie theaters would reopen. Most of the Drive Ins would close in this area for the Winter, and with the advent of Spring,

There Should Be Riots

Good morning, y’all. Gorgeous weather with rains predicted for the weekend. Rain on the weekend doesn’t hurt my feelings like it does some people. Being “self -employed”, everyday is a potential workday, or an off day. If I have to work all weekend snaking somebody’s drain, you better believe I’m

Polishing The Apple

Good morning, y’all. We’re experiencing just gorgeous weather here in the mountains. I noticed that the dogwoods and cherry trees are starting to bud on the drive into Blairsville. I guess the pear trees can’t be far behind. The forsythia and the jonquils are already in full bloom. Spring is

Vengeance Is Mine

Good morning, y’all. Although Spring won’t be here officially for another two weeks, the weather is doing about as fine an imitation of Spring as you’d want to see. Now, we are supposed to get some cold temps this weekend, but not enough to dampen my enthusiasm for the weather.

Eat A Peach

Good morning, y’all. Another beautiful day in the mountains with temps reaching up into the ’70’s. Of course, if it’s 70 now, the 80 degree temperatures can’t be far off. I have a self imposed rule about working outside when the temperature gets up in the ’80’s. I don’t do

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